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Photography at your place (home, apartment, hotel room)

Sometimes it can be more reassuring to take off your clothes at home, in your hotel room, or in your temporary / second residence.
You are in your universe, in your bedroom or your living room, with a decoration that looks like you, you also have all your things at hand, we can take photos in all the rooms. If you value your home, home photography is a great choice.
Our photographer is not there to judge you but to sublimate you and offer you a pleasant moment during which you will feel beautiful in front of his lens.
Here are some tips for taking pictures at home :
  • Be careful, if you want natural light, your interior must be bright enough, anyway, our photographer always takes artificial light just in case.
  • Also bear in mind that the photographer needs a bit of hindsight, so the rooms have to be big enough as well.
  • Also remember to tidy up before the shooting, although it’s not uncommon for the photographer to move furniture around depending on the setting and the lighting.
  • Remember to wax 2 days before the session to avoid small redness and irritation.
  • Do a manicure and pedicure.
  • On the same day, avoid wearing underwear and stick with loose clothing so as not to have marks.
The duration of such a session is about two hours, enough time for a little chat before you are comfortable. We take hundreds of photos. About twenty of them are sent to you edited a few days later. As an option, the photographer can also take care of printing your photos or creating a book.