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Welcome to Velvet- Photography in Zurich!  

Where we make you feel naturally gorgeous and look beautifully special ! The goal is to inspire you to explore and reveal a side of yourself that is not seen every day.

We capture the very essence of you through the lens, giving you a present for life.

We offer three experiences of photography : Boudoir, Glamour and Nude.
Glamour Photography in Zurich is very popular. Simply enjoy your natural feminine beauty and leave with a lasting memory, a treasured portfolio of stunning images.

Boudoir photography in Zurich is one of the best ways to portray and accentuate the finest characteristics of being a woman.

At Velvet-Photography, posing in front of the camera is a relaxing experience, achieved with expert handling, communication and fun engagement.

What makes us stand out from the others? Attention to detail is just one of our key strengths, creating a graceful image that is both refined natural and elegant. We love working with natural light and we like to deliver our photos with only minimal retouches.

Whether at home, in a private apartment, in a hotel or in our photo studio, you will quickly feel at ease in comfortable surroundings with perfect lighting, within a subtle, peaceful setting.

We do not offer professional make-up artists and hair stylists yet but it is definetly something we will love to add in our services in the near future.

With great packages prices and a wide range of services including boudoir, outdoor locations, specific venue scenarios, portraits or simple studio shots, Velvet-Photography will arrange a great glamour shooting, especially for you.

Please feel free to navigate and read all the information that we offer you so you can get to know us and our services. Take your time to browse our gallery of previous work to get an idea of the kind of photographs we can deliver and do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Team,

Do it because it is an incredible experience; because you deserve to feel pampered and see yourself in another light.
Do it for you!