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Photographers looking for Models

Are you a photographer looking to complete or diversify their portfolio? Do you want to improve some of your photography techniques?

Do you have a specific project and are looking for Models that would match your portfolio?

Velvet-Photography gives you the opportunity to take pictures of some of our Models for a fee. Punctual, available and motivated, some of them have experience in modeling and will be happy to pose for you !

Why paying a Model as a photographer?

If you have the budget, we recommend you to always pay the models and anyone else working with you, especially if you are looking for new faces for a personal/creative project. Their time is equally as valuable as yours. Although some people try to undervalue the work of a model, the truth is, there’s nothing to photograph without them. By paying a model, there is a higher level of expectations on both sides. When you are paying someone to work with you, you know they’ll arrive on time, will not let you down and do their best during the photo session.

This way, you are not wasting your time and are far more likely to work with someone who actually cares about the job and wants a good result.

If you are a photographer interested in shooting paid Models, please, contact us at : We are happy to hear about your project!